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Using our IndoBoards for SUP training is a perfect way to as closely replicate the movements and techniques of Stand Up Paddle Boarding on dryland as possible. This can be achieved either by using our Gigante FLO Cushions under a SUP Board or by using one of our Original IndoBoards on an IndoFLO Cushion or an IndoPro on a Gigante Cushion.

SUP Athletes know and understand the importance of training hard and training correctly to maximise performance. Integrating our IndoBoard products into a SUP Athletes training program will ensure training benefits, muscular activation and the hugely important stabilising muscles are all targeted and trained to peak levels to achieve peak performance.

Here is a clip of one of the greatest watermen of all time, Laird Hamilton, incorporating IndoBoards into his training regime

Our IndoBoard Products can be combined with other training aids like the hugely successful and highly specific Paddle Power Trainer designed by paddling and SUP guru Mick DiBetta, former Molokai Champion and coach of athletes to more than 12 other Molokai victories. By combining his Paddle Power Trainer with our IndoBoard products will guarantee maximum results and maximised SUP specific training. We have included clips below of the Paddle Power Trainer being used. Soon to come will be clips of the Paddle Power Trainer being used in combination with our IndoBoard products to offer the best, most specific SUP training a SUP Athlete could ever hope for as paddling conditions can be replicated on land in the comfort of your living room.

Here is a clip of Hunter integrating IndoBoards into a SUP Specific Training Session

Here is another clip demonstrating the IndoBoard into SUP Training

Using an Indo Board can be dangerous and hazardous. Injuries and falls can occur. Please ensure that you read and understand the Safety Precautions and follow the basic instructions on Getting Started. Follow these links to get the required information. Use of the Indo Board is entirely at your own risk.