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Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and kickboxing are some of the most demanding physical pursuits known to man.  Martial Arts training include a significant amount of balance training, core strength training as well as agility and stability training.  Since 1998, the Indo Board has been used by more martial arts training professionals at MMA gyms, UFC gyms and karate dojos than any other balance board on the market.  Whether you are just beginning your journey as a martial artist or you are a seasoned mixed martial artist, the Indo Board Balance Trainer is the most versatile and functional balance board available for all martial artists.

In my training routine I incorporate stability balls, elastic bands, yoga, heavy bag, gymnastics moves, and the Indo Board. While very simple in design, the Indo Board allows you to perform a large range of unique exercises. In my first week of training on the Indo Board, every time I stepped on it I found myself discovering another challenging skill to conquer.

Jim Barrett, Lifelong Martial Artist