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Starting on the INDO BOARD Balance Board is easy with some caution and practice. As a beginner, first find the correct foot placement on the board with the board laying flat on the floor: Adopt a stance with your feet just beyond shoulder width, with knees slightly bent and stacking shoulders above the hips, and hips above the ankles. Lock in this stance and feel stable in it, while maintaining a relaxed fluidity.

If you’ve got this down, you’re ready to get up on the roller!

Now that your posture and foot placement are correct, your spotter can help you get on the deck with the roller underneath. If you don’t have a friend to spot you, we suggest standing in front of a wall or piece of furniture for your first time, so that you can catch yourself if you lose your balance. It’s completely normal to lose your balance in the beginning, but don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling comfortable balancing the board all on your own in 5 minutes or less!


  1. Foundation: Start out on a soft surface! Grass, carpet, gym mat, or Yoga Mat, etc.. Once proficient, riders can transition to faster surfaces like hardwood floors or concrete for a more challenging experience.

  2. Spotter: It is recommended to start out practicing in front of a wall or piece of furniture where you can catch yourself. It is highly recommended to have somebody spot you by holding their hands if available.

  3. Starting: Focus on keeping the deck steady with minimal movement back and forth. Then practice moving from one end to the other.

  4. Objective: How long can you keep the deck from touching the ground? This is the key to getting the INDO BOARD down!

  5. Milestones: Get to a full 90 degree squat! Key core activation happens here!


Master The Basics in The Following Order

To maximize your INDO BOARD experience, the key is to keep the INDO BOARD deck from touching the ground for as long as possible, regardless of the way you are riding it.

If you’re an INDO BOARD Beginner, start with these progressions:

  1. Focus on keeping the deck steady with minimal movement

  2. Become comfortable with easy transitioning back and forth, without letting the balance board hit the ground

  3. Next, work your way down to a half squat, and gradually down to a full squat

  4. By mastering these techniques, you can improve your balance and stability on the INDO BOARD, and in everyday life, fitness and athletics!


  1. Feet should be wider than shoulder width apart
  2. Try to look forward, not down
  3. Hold your head and shoulders upright
  4. Shoulders above hips, hips above ankles
  5. Neutral spine with hips rolled slightly forward
  6. Knees bent more than you think they should be
  7. Engage your core to keep from breaking at the waist
  8. Strive for a quiet upper body with no unnecessary arm movements
  9. Strive towards perfect top to bottom alignment of the ankles- hips-shoulders
  10. Do not stick your butt out