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How to use your Indo product:

The following pages will assist you in using and getting the most from your Indo product

Getting Started

Roller Exercises

IndoFLO Exercises

Roller Tricks

Pro Exercises

Advanced Tricks

*Safety Precautions

First time riders should never do it without some way to steady themselves!

Practice up close to a wall or holding someone’s hands.

Always bend your knees and don’t lean on the steady support.

It is highly recommended that safety gear be worn to help soften the inevitable falls. Wrist guards are the best protection, along with a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Most surfers prefer to go barefoot, because that’s how they surf. Skateboarders usually wear shoes and wakeboarders ride either way!

Make sure the area where you are riding is clear of objects that you might fall on. Keep spectators at a reasonable distance away from the rider and the potential path of a flying Indo Board. The board can become a missile and cause injury if it hits someone.

Alcohol slows the reaction time and is not to be mixed with Indo Board riding.

Indo Boards can be on grass or hard packed sand to help slow the action for beginners or in the absence of carpet. The Indo Board is best used on a carpeted surface. The thicker the carpet pile the slower the action will be. As you become more proficient in using the Indo Board, bare floors can provide the ultimate challenge to your abilities. However, the action is greatly speeded up and falls are quite unforgiving depending on the surface.

Take these few simple precautions and feel the INDO obsession begin!