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What is the best product to start out on?

We recommend the best option for people to start using is the Original IndoBoard. This is the basic model with the other models the progressive and more challenging options.

It’s wide oval shape is the easiest to learn on and control, and it is very versatile, making new maneuvers and tricks easy to learn. It is designed to exercise the core muscles involved in balance dynamics, and will definitely improve your leg strength.

Should I purchase the Basic Package or the Training Package?

We strongly recommend purchasing the Training Package option. This, we believe, is the best and most versatile package. The Training Packages include a Cushion. The IndoFLO for Original, Mini Original and Rocker models or with the IndoPRO and Mini Pro there is the option of the smaller IndoFLO Cushion or the larger Gigante FLO Cushion. Having one of the Cushions means that users can switch between the lateral instability of the Roller and the full 360 degrees of instability that the Cushions give.

Are IndoBoards just for well trained, fit high athletes and those involved in Board Sports?

Not at all. The IndoBoards are for everyone and all level of athlete, whether a well trained person or someone just starting out in their health and fitness goals.

These are for anyone wanting to increase their core stability, strengthen their stabilising muscles and improve their balance and functional strength. As long as they are used properly and safely they can be excellent for all ages from youngsters to those in their later years.

For those people with a few extra years under their belts, using an IndoBoard can increase balance and basic functional strength which can in turn increase mobility, confidence in moving and increase the activity levels of life.

IndoBoards are an excellent addition to all training programs whatever the level. They provide an unstable environment for people to train in requiring greater muscle activation, greater stabilising muscle and core activation.

What are the benefits of using an IndoBoard Balance Board?

The INDO BOARD provides an incredibly well-rounded workout that can help you develop and maintain fitness and health by focusing on endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance, which are components of physical well-being.

Improving body awareness allows your body to orient your extremities or limbs fully. This level of awareness will help reduce the likelihood of injury due to loss of balance.

The INDO BOARD can also improve body coordination or the ability of the different parts to work together. You can’t do even the most basic chores if you lose coordination. Improved coordination means better activity in everyday life.

Another area of physical fitness improved by INDO BOARD use is joint stability. It means that the joints in the body become stable, stronger, and flexible through training. Using an INDO BOARD can prevent the likelihood of sprained ankles, knees, and other joint problems that might occur during activities.

Because you need to balance on an INDO BOARD, your reaction time improves. You can avoid slips and stumbles during balancing activities, providing you with safety reactions that will help you avoid accidents and mishaps.

Lastly, INDO BOARD use will improve long-term health by providing exercise that improves balance. As we get older, our balance decreases, which you can avoid if you maintain a fit and healthy body through exercise and the use of helpful tools such as an INDO BOARD.

Does the Indo Board come with instructions?

Our website contains a wealth of information on training and tricks which can be performed on the Indoboard. We also provide the IndoBoard Training and Workout Poster free of charge, even if you do not purchase any of our products! There is also a plethora of information and videos on the IndoBoard YouTube channel.

Can I purchase just the roller?

Yes, Original Rollers and other components can be purchased separately. They are available on our Shop page under the Rollers and Cushions category.

What are IndoBoard Balance Trainers made of?

IndoBoards are extremely durable and are the result of top quality workmanship and materials. Decks are made of high-grade hardwoods. All rollers are made of extremely durable injection moulded plastic. The IndoFLO cushions are mouth inflatable and constructed from polyvinyl compounds.

The grip on my roller or deck is wearing off. Can I order more?

The grip tape on the rollers can be found at most home improvement stores, usually in the bath departments. Ask for a non-skid adhesive used on stairs or bathtubs. Redek is the name of one such product.

How can I find out more about your P.E. teaching program?

Please contact us by email at sales@indoboardaus.com for more information.

What is the difference between Indo Board and other balance boards?

The other balance boards utilize a keel-in-groove system, which guides the roller beneath the deck and limits its action. Indo Boards have full range of motion atop the roller, resulting in limitless versatility and no movement restrictions.

Do your products contain Latex?

There is no Latex used in any of our products.

 Can you ship to P.O. boxes or international addresses?

We can ship to P.O. boxes and international addresses in some countries in our Australasia/South East Asia region including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards through our website.

What is your privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. Our policy is simple: We will not sell, rent or distribute your name, email address or any other identifiable information to any third party without your consent. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information about how we protect your personal information.

What is the maximum weight limit on your decks?

The maximum weight limit varies depending on the model. See the model’s product detail page for more information. These are the suggested limits and not guaranteed. Extreme air tricks will significantly lower the maximum weight limit!

Can I return my order if I change my mind?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page


How are IndoBoard orders shipped?

We ship through Australia Post using their eParcel service for all Australian and International orders. This enables full tracking for all customers through the Australia Post website as well as all the benefits that those customers who have an Australia Post “MyPost” account

What is an Australia Post MyPost account?

An Australia Post account gives you a personalised customer identification number that you can use to log in to and access a number of Australia Post online resources and partner sites. It gives you access to secure online services where you can redirect or hold your mail, manage your parcel deliveries and more.

It’s simple – register once and access all the tools and services you need. Click on this link here to register – https://auspost.com.au/mypost/auth/#/register

Do shipments need a signature on delivery?

Yes, all items sent require a signature upon delivery. This can be changed to authority to leave if you wish. However, if no one is home the package would go to the post office for collection at no additional charge.


Here are a couple of benefits of MyPost Accounts

  1. Safe Drop (forfeiting the signature on delivery)

With Safe Drop, you can still receive deliveries requiring a signature when no one’s home.

Not all deliveries are eligible for Safe Drop, but when it is available, we’ll let you know via email or in your track list. If you choose to use this free service, we’ll simply pop your item in a safe spot outside the delivery address.

  1. Redirect your Parcel

You can change the delivery address for certain parcels. And you can do this right up to the time that the delivery driver loads the parcel into their vehicle.

If you’ve set up notifications for your parcel, you’ll get an ‘In Transit’ email. Simply follow the instructions in the email.

Can shipment be made to PO Boxes?

Yes, orders can be sent to PO Boxes.

How long will shipping take?

This will depend on where your order is to be delivered to. You will be able to track your order online at www.auspost.com.au

How long will it take for my order to arrive after I have placed an order?

We will endeavour to get your order packed and shipped as quickly as possible after the order has been received and full payment has been made. We do advise customers to allow a buffer of couple of days from the order being made and it being collected for delivery from Australia Post. If there are any additional hold ups or delays in shipping, there will be notices on our website about this. Unfortunately, once the package is packed and collected from us and in the hands of Australia Post, we have no control on the delivery time frame though. Please monitor and track your order online using the Australia Post website.