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What is the Indo Board?

The Indo Board was designed by Hunter Joslin, an avid user of balance boards since 1965.
The Indo Board Balance Trainers are simple, stable, and user friendly.

Anyone can ride with a few basic instructions and something or someone to hold on to for support.
The learning curve is 10 to 15 minutes for most, after that, Indo Boarding becomes routinely easy and fun.

Visit the IndoBoard YouTube Channel to see a vast array of videos including on How To Use the IndoBoards, Tricks and Choosing the Right Board. https://www.youtube.com/@indoboard

The Indo Board Goal

therapy_082The Indo Board goal is to introduce a FUN and CHALLENGING way to exercise the bodies balance control systems. Even though balance is so easily taken for granted, human movement is dependent on balance and coordination. In this new age of fitness awareness, the notion of balance training IS essential, particularly in board sports and all physical activities utilizing the core muscles.

Keeping the board from touching the ground for extended rides is both the goal and challenge.

Indo Board Tricks

image599As you improve and progress with your Indo’ing, you will begin to challenge yourself with a whole lot of new exciting tricks.

Once you have mastered standing on the board and rocking it side to side, tricks in the beginning start off with moving foot placement to different positions on the board and progress to anything you can imagine and think up. A great way to challenge yourself is to do it with mates – each person having a go at a trick and trying to nail it so everyone is pushing themselves and everyone else. It leads to many many hours of very enjoyable fun!!

More advance tricks include shuv-its, ollies, jumping on from the side, nose grabs and many many more.

What Sports Benefit From Using the Indo Board?

Not only do Surfing, Skating and Snowboarding benefit greatly but also these other board sports Tow Surfing, Wakeboarding, Wake Skating, Water Skiing, Skimboarding, Snow Skiing, Mountain Boarding, Sandboarding, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing as well as numerous other extreme sports.

It is also an excellent addition to any fitness and cross training program. By using the IndoBoards with either the Roller or the FLO’s, more muscles are activated and core stability is vastly engaged and developed.


Using an Indo Board can be dangerous and hazardous. Injuries and falls can occur. Please ensure that you read and understand the Safety Precautions and follow the basic instructions on Getting Started. Follow these links to get the required information. Use of the Indo Board is entirely at your own risk.